Dr. Willie Soon versus the Climate Apocalypse

More honesty and less hubris, more evidence and less dogmatism, would do a world of good Dr. Jeffrey Foss “What can I do to correct these crazy, super wrong errors?” Willie Soon asked plaintively in a recent e-chat. “What errors, Willie?” I asked. “Errors in Total Solar Irradiance,” he replied. “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

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California fire crews drink water pulled from thin air

An Israeli company is helping America’s disaster victims and first responders Watergen sends Israeli water-making machine to assist massive wildfires. Abigail Klein Leichman           An emergency response vehicle (ERV) carrying an innovative Israeli machine that pulls pure drinking water directly out of ambient air is on its way to California, to provide hydration to police and […]

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Blaming climate – ignoring incompetence

California wildfires incinerate people, wildlife and habitats. Politicians blame climate change. Paul Driessen Two more raging infernos in California have burned an area nearly ten times the size of Washington, DC. Wildlife and habitats have been torched. Over 8,000 homes and businesses, and nearly the entire town of Paradise, are now ashes and rubble. Cars were partly charred […]

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The coming decarbonization tsunami

San Francisco Climate Action Summit intends to set the stage for controlling our lives   Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris Batten down the hatches! A tsunami of global warming and “clean energy” propaganda is approaching! San Francisco is hosting the September 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit, a massive event at which “international and local leaders […]

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Rooting out scientific corruption

Recent actions show reform is in the wind, but much remains to be done, especially on climate Paul Driessen Dr. Brian Wansink recently resigned from his position as Columbia University professor, eating behavior researcher and director of the Cornell “food lab.” A faculty investigation found that he had misreported research data, failed to preserve data and results properly, […]

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We must all sacrifice for the environment

But I meant you – not me! We’re supposed to be exempt from rules we inflict on others. Greg Walcher Have we become a society of people who want to regulate others, but not ourselves? We laugh at those who suddenly object to a policy that seemed perfectly OK when (they thought) it only applied to others. […]

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Endangerment Finding delenda est

Replacing Clean Power Plan with less harmful ACE rule does not fix fraudulent CO2 science Paul Driessen As the Punic Wars dragged on, Cato the Elder reportedly concluded every speech to the Roman Senate by proclaiming “Carthago delenda est” – “Carthage must be destroyed.” Ample evidence suggests that the Obama era Environmental Protection Agency’s “Endangerment […]

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Environmentalist scare stories – Never mind!

Solid evidence shows there is no “bee-pocalypse,” but alarmists allege new pesticide threats Paul Driessen “Baby boomers” will remember Gilder Radner’s Saturday Night Live character from the ‘70s – Emily Litella, who would launch into hilarious rants against perceived problems, only to discover that she had completely misconstrued what she was fuming about. “What’s all […]

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Keep it in the ground … by blocking pipelines

If they can’t stop energy development, they block pipeline transport (and get unexpected help) Paul Driessen You can understand their frustration, as the steady stream of radical environmentalist successes during the Obama years has been replaced with endless setbacks. Oil, gas and coal leasing, permits and production have risen significantly. Big Green just lost its first […]

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Speculative climate chaos v. indisputable fossil fuel benefits

Federal judge tells climate litigants to tally the numerous blessings from fossil fuels since 1859 Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek Judge William Alsup has a BS in engineering, has written computer programs for his ham radio hobby, delves deeply into the technical aspects of numerous cases before him, and even studied other programming languages for a complex […]

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