US Organizations

African American Environmentalist Association

American Enterprise Institute

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Capital Research Center (Greenwatch)

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

Center for Global Food Issues

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Congress of Racial Equality

Consumer Alert

Cooler Heads Coalition

Economic Human Rights Project

Heartland Institute

Heritage Foundation

National Center for Public Policy Research

Reason Public Policy Institute or

Overseas Organizations

Africa Fighting Malaria

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies – Canada

Centre for the New Europe – Belgium

Ekonomistler Platformu – Turkey

Fraser Institute – Canada

Free Market Foundation – South Africa

Frontier Centre for Public Policy – Canada

Green Spirit – Canada

Institute for Public Policy Analysis – Nigeria

Institute of Economic Affairs – England

Institute of Public Affairs – Australia

Inter Region Economic Network – Kenya

International Policy Network – UK

Liberty Institute – India

Making Our Economy Right – Bangladesh

Articles and Information


“Against Nature” by UK’s Channel 4

Global climate change

Junk Science Debunked

Tech Central Station

Safeguarding both people and planet

Trade, globalization, prosperity and human freedom


Kogere Bagg – Help Ugandan malaria victims by buying beautiful handbags


Shale gas

What is hydraulic fracking?

Fracking PA

Shale Fracking