Eco Myths Revealed October 2004 Much of the anti-DDT hysteria generated by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring, and by assorted eco-activists, involved erroneous and even fraudulent scientific studies. In one, a researcher reported that mice fed DDT developed cancer – but withheld the fact that mice which were not fed DDT actually developed more cancers than did those fed DDT. The oft-cited […]

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Eco-Centered Policies Kill!

Myths and lies about pesticides and GM food kill millions by Paul K. Driessen October 2004 MISGUIDED POLICIES KILL! Malaria infects 300 million people a year and kills 2 million. DDT and other pesticides are essential if we are to end the needless deaths and bring health and prosperity to developing nations. Eco myths revealed. Most […]

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Bring back DDT and save lives!

Emptying birdbaths will not get rid of a zillion hungry mosquitoes. We need pesticides! by Henry I. Miller, MD Scripps Howard News Service September 17, 2004 The five-year-old U.S. outbreak of West Nile virus is a significant threat to public health and shows no signs of abating, but the government is holding back on a […]

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Preventing malaria is a fundamental human rights issue

We must find better ways to end malaria in developing countries, says CORE by Congress of Racial Equality Statement for US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Africa September 14, 2004 Distinguished Members of the Subcommittee and guests, we thank you for holding this important hearing on finding better ways to end the intolerable scourge of […]

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Wrongful ban on DDT costs lives

The fact that DDT saves lives might account for part of the hostility toward it. by Walter Williams Jewish World Review July 2004 Ever since Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring,” environmental extremists have sought to ban all DDT use. Using phony studies from the Environmental Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the […]

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The costs of malaria

by The Washington Times The Washington Times April 2004 Published April 17, 2004 In a remarkable article in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, titled “What the World Needs Now is DDT,” Tina Rosenberg argues that Westerners’ irrational fears of DDT are allowing malaria to take a devastating toll on Africans. The costs of […]

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Banned U.S. pesticide could save millions in Africa

DDT Saves Lives by Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Sun-Times April 2004 This is what writer Hilary Spurling says about the female bloodsucker, otherwise known as the flying needle of death: “She is elegantly constructed, miraculously adaptable and prodigiously efficient. She can deposit 30 or 40 malarial parasites in the human bloodstream at a single bite. Within […]

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What an Unnecessary Disaster

Last month in Jonizi, South Africa, I watched my friend Jocky Gumede happily bounce his grandchild on his knee. The recent malaria epidemic had subsided, and Jocky was relieved that the child had escaped death — for this year, anyway. Jocky can’t erase the memory of the toll the disease has taken on his family. […]

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Africa’s Deadliest Disease

by Fiona Kobusingye-Boynes April 2004 Ask an American what malaria is, and he might say it’s a disease you can get from mosquitoes, if you travel to Africa, Asia orSouth America. That’s all. Few could even name one person who has ever had malaria. When my husband took me to a hospital in New York City a few weeks […]

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The Unecessary Scourge

by Paul K. Driessen April 2004 “My friend’s four-year-old child hasn’t been able to walk for months because of malaria,” Ugandan farmer and businesswoman Fiona “Fifi” Kobusingye says softly. “She crawls around on the floor. Her eyes bulge out like a chameleon, her hair is dried up, and her stomach is all swollen because […]

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