Book Excerpts

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 Introduction– by Niger Innis, Congress of Racial EqualityAuthor’s Preface – Why I wrote this book1. Corporate Social Irresponsibility – A good idea gone bad

2. Roots of Eco-Imperialism – How protecting nature became imperialistic

3. Cow Dung Forever – Depriving poor people of electricity and safe water

4. Playing Games with Starving People – Malnutrition and biotechnology

5. Sustainable Mosquitoes Expendable People – malaria and DDT

6. Sweatshops and Prostitutes – The real impact of anti-sweatshop movements

CHART – Radical Environmentalism’s Death Toll

7. Renewable Energy Mirages – Wind and solar aren’t ready for prime time

8. Climate Change Riches – The truth about the global warming scare

9. Greenwashing for Greenbacks – Saving the planet for PR, fame and profit

10. Investor Fraud – “Socially responsible investor” fraud and eco-imperialism

11.  End of Eco-Imperialism? Changing the terms of the debate

12.  Corporate Social Responsibility Reborn – Hope for the future

(all chapters are extensively footnoted)

Bibliography – Suggestions for further study