Some Still Can’t Digest Idea of Biotech Food

by Henry I. Miller, MD Investor’s Business Daily April 2004 Anti-biotechnology activists claimed recently that “genetically modified” material (in minuscule amounts) has moved into and thereby “contaminates” conventionally produced seed supplies.  As usual, they’re way off-base.  In fact, it’s like finding Lexus parts in your Yugo. It’s not surprising that the activists’ claims are misleading.  […]

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Delaying Biotechnology

Who pays? by Paul K. Driessen Maui News April 2004 Last summer’s long anticipated trip to Hawaii left me captivated by its magnificent mountains, beaches, flora, agriculture and people. Intrigued by its politics as well, I began to follow policy debates over certain environmental matters. The growing clamor over agricultural biotechnology seems out of place in a […]

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The Battle for Biotech Progress

“Greenpeace policy on genetics lacks any respect for logic or science” by Patrick Moore IPA Review (Institute of Public Affairs, Australia) March 2004 I was raised in the tiny fishing and logging village of Winter Harbour on the northwest tip of Vancouver Island, where salmon spawned in the streams of the adjoining Pacific rainforest. In […]

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Plants that Will Save Lives and Eyes

Over a third of the world’s population suffers anemia for lack of iron.Half are at risk for numerous diseases because they get too little zinc. A fourth receive so little vitamin A that they suffer incredible rates of blindness and death. But with help from a $25 million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant, a […]

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Not so quiet on the Northern Front

by Deroy Murdock Scripps Howard News Service and National Review Online September 2003 CANCUN, Mexico, September 2003 – “Look at how they’ve destroyed this place,” says Gustavo Herrera, a local cab driver. Herrera slowly shakes his head back and forth as he scans the barricade the federales, or Mexican federal police, erected at the northern […]

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Mexican village plays host to fight over genetically engineered food

by Marc Morano September 2003 VALLE VERDE, Mexico, September 2003 — An effort to promote the safety and benefits of genetically modified foods during the World Trade Organization meeting mushroomed into a clash between free market activists and environmental groups in a small-impoverished village outside of Cancun on Friday, September 12. The event, sponsored […]

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Frankenfood Fight

How about feeding some hungry people? by Deroy Murdock Scripps Howard News Service and National Review Online June 2003 NEW YORK, NY, June 2003 Don’t be fooled by the scruffy beards and embroidered Guatemalan vests of typical anti-biotech protesters. Those who battle “Frankenfoods” may resemble homespun, grassroots demonstrators. In fact, they usually belong to an […]

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The new Battle of the Orange and Green

by Deroy Murdock Scripps Howard News Service and National Review Online September 2003 VALLE VERDE, Mexico, September 2003 – Just 18 miles from the turquoise beaches and abundant buffet tables of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, this poor village’s roughly 400 residents would consider running water a luxury. These citizens, an estimated 80 percent of whom are […]

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Death by Public Policy

by Henry I. Miller, MD Scripps Howard News Service April 2003 STANFORD, CA, April 2003 Germany is unwilling, for once, to go to war. French President Jacques Chirac sputters that Eastern European nations’ support of America over Iraq “is not well-brought-up behavior.” More Europeans think George Bush is a threat to world peace than Saddam […]

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Foes of Biotechnology Ignore Global Hunger

by Dr C. S. Prakash Atlanta Journal-Constitution December 1999 Anti-technology activists accuse corporations of “playing God” by genetically improving crops, but it is these so-called environmentalists who are really playing God, not with genes but with the lives of poor and hungry people. While activist organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote fear […]

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