Eco-Centered Policies Kill!

October 14, 2004

Myths and lies about pesticides and GM food kill millions
by Paul K. Driessen
October 2004

MISGUIDED POLICIES KILL! Malaria infects 300 million people a year and kills 2 million. DDT and other pesticides are essential if we are to end the needless deaths and bring health and prosperity to developing nations.

Eco myths revealed. Most of what you think you know about DDT is wrong. Stories about harm to humans, animals and ecosystems are based on errors, myths and outright scientific fraud. Full Story >>>

US House of Representatives. Africa Fighting Malaria critiques USAID and WHO policies, tells House subcommittee DDT and other pesticides must again be used to stop killer disease. Full Story >>> 

US Senate. Malaria experts tell Senate committee that USAID policies favoring bed nets and other politically correct strategies cost countless lives every year. Full Story >>>

Preserving techno progress and human life. Henry Miller and Greg Conko’s new book challenges Frankenfood Myths that delay life-saving progress in agricultural biotechnology. It calls for laws and policies that protect us from real risks, instead of from theoretical or imaginary threats. “A brilliant call to action,” says Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug. Full Story >>>