Obama’s intransigence closed America’s natural wonders

“Thousands of tourists are unexpectedly finding parks closed, nobody there to help, and hotel and campsite reservations useless at Yosemite, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Big Bend, Acacia, Denali, and 394 other NPS destinations.”

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Organic crops are tested for pathogens, right? Nope

“Organic royalties generate millions of dollars for certifiers – simply for rubber-stamping large transactions, like a quarter-million 3-pound bags, for example. And these agencies are not about to stand idly by and let another department second-guess the rather lucrative decisions they make on the USDA’s behalf.”

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Precautionary double standards

“The hard reality is that the green movement does not care about facts, wildlife or humans – and logical consistency is totally alien to them. Advancing environmentalism as the secular religion of urban atheists is all that matters.Green elites “know” what is best for all of humanity.”

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Cut fingers, cancer, bats and birds

“As summer approaches, Americans should also consider what life will be like when windmills cause bat populations to crater. Freed of their natural predators, mosquitoes will thrive, and they have a much more unquenchable thirst for human blood than do bats of folklore and Dracula tales.”

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Government of, by and for activists

“Predictably, IPI’s lawsuit notice to EPA exploited public susceptibility to misinformation about severe weather events. “The damage caused by Superstorm Sandy was widely linked to some of the potential risks associated with a warming planet.” Climate alarmists have certainly tried to make that link.”

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END the wind PTC and business/government cronyism!

“If people wonder why the world is in the sad shape it is in, they need look no further than the neighbors stuck living within the massive footprints of dysfunctional wind factories. Sadly however, politicians, corrupt crony-corporatists and people getting wind scam royalties are choosing to ignore their neighbors.”

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Our SimCity government

What we need is a LibertyCity game. It would be like SimCity, and players would still be mayors, but citizens would enjoy and be responsible for government of, by and for the people. Make taxes oppressive, and you get replaced. Squander money by padding the pockets of your friends, and you land in jail. Invest in fly-by-night enterprises like Solyndra or Fisker Automotive, and you are out of office.

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