Carbon tax hallucinations

“The net result of a carbon tax will not be new federal revenues. It will be more economic strangulation, a more bloated federal bureaucracy, more layoffs, sharply higher unemployment, food stamp and welfare payouts, reduced corporate and personal income tax receipts – and thus reduced federal revenues.”

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The new robber barons

“Abundant, reliable, affordable energy is the backbone of the US and global economy. Perhaps one day renewable energy will become a viable alternative to the hydrocarbons that sustain jobs and energize virtually everything we make, ship, eat and do.”

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Time to terminate Big Wind subsidies

The battle over wind energy subsidies in America is heating up. After suffering defeat in four straight efforts to extend the Production Tax Credit, Big “Wind lobbyists have greatly expanded their efforts to secure enough Democrat and Republican votes to transfer still more billions from US taxpayers and ratepayers to industrial wind companies that would not survive without more handouts.

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