Climate Hustle demolishes climate alarmism

Be sure to see this movie Monday, May 2 – during its one-night nationwide engagement Without presenting it to the US Senate, as required by the Constitution, President Obama has signed the Paris climate treaty. He is already using it to further obligate the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions [...]

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Smelling blood in the political water

Having destroyed US coal industry, Democrats and eco allies are now attacking all fossil fuels Paul Driessen The great white environmentalist sharks smell blood in the water. It’s gushing from mortally wounded US coal companies that the Obama EPA has gutted as sacrifices on the altar of “dangerous manmade climate change” prevention and other spurious [...]

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RICO for government climate deniers?

How corrupt and fraudulent is the government “science” that denies natural climate change? Paul Driessen and Ron Arnold A self-appointed coalition of Democrat state attorneys general is pursuing civil or criminal racketeering actions against ExxonMobil, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and other organizations. The AGs claim the groups are committing fraud, by “denying” climate change. The charge is bogus. What we contest are [...]

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Methane mendacity – and madness

Radical green and government agitators slam methane in latest bid to terminate fossil fuel use Paul Driessen Quick: What is 17 cents out of $100,000? If you said 0.00017 percent, you win the jackpot. That number, by sheer coincidence, is also the percentage of methane in Earth’s atmosphere. That’s a trivial amount, you say: 1.7 [...]

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Deep-sixing another useful climate myth

The vaunted “97% consensus” on dangerous manmade global warming is just more malarkey David R. Legates By now, virtually everyone has heard that “97% of scientists agree:  Climate change is real, manmade and dangerous.” Even if you weren’t one of his 31 million followers who received this tweet from President Obama, you most assuredly have [...]

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Prosecuting climate chaos skeptics with RICO

Al Gore, Torquemada Whitehouse, Democrat AGs threaten to silence and bankrupt skeptics Paul Driessen It’s been a rough stretch for Climate Armageddon religionists and totalitarians. Real World science, climate and weather events just don’t support their manmade cataclysm narrative. The horrid consequences of anti-fossil fuel energy policies are increasingly in the news. And despite campaigns [...]

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The Big Green job-killing machine

Environmentalists wield powerful Endangered Species Act to kill jobs, impoverish families Ron Arnold The abuse of environmentalist power to hurt people never stops. “Another one gone,” began the Lost Coast Outpost’s report in late January. A.A. “Red” Emmerson, chairman of Sierra Pacific Industries, announced the permanent closure of its sawmill on Samoa Peninsula in Arcata, California – [...]

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What happened on Oahu didn’t stay on Oahu

Scientific detective work stopped cholera – now it needs to separate myths, mites and neonics Paul Driessen If modern activist groups held sway in the mid-nineteenth century, countless multitudes would have died from typhoid fever and cholera. The “miasma” paradigm held that the diseases were caused by foul air arising from putrid matter – and [...]

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Washington’s despotic lawlessness

We’ve had a “try and stop me” president. Now we need one who will invalidate those actions. Paul Driessen Washington is out of control. Legislators, judges and unelected bureaucrats want to control our lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no accountability even for major errors, calculated deception, or deliberate, often illegal assaults on our liberties and [...]

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Masters of disguise

‘Green’ evangelicals disguise anti-life policies as pro-life, perpetuating suffering and death E. Calvin Beisner, Janice Shaw Crouse and Austin Ruse The evangelical “creation care” movement professes to be pro-life and, for the most part, rightly so. But some creation care advocates give reason to wonder. Case in point: the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) recently launched [...]

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