The coming decarbonization tsunami

San Francisco Climate Action Summit intends to set the stage for controlling our lives   Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris Batten down the hatches! A tsunami of global warming and “clean energy” propaganda is approaching! San Francisco is hosting the September 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit, a massive event at which “international and local leaders [...]

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The party of Antifa fascists?

Do we really want these intolerant, violent mobs and their representatives running America? Paul Driessen Who are the “Antifa” mobs? What are they doing to our country? How long will we tolerate them? The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were their latest excuse for tantrums and intolerance. Dismissing fairness, propriety and due process, they screamed that mere [...]

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How Al Gore built the global warming fraud

And changed the alarmism from global cooling to global warming, and now climate change Jay Lehr and Tom Harris Although his science is often seriously wrong, no one can deny that Al Gore has a flare for the dramatic. Speaking about climate change in an October 12 PBS interview, the former vice-president proclaimed, “We have a global emergency.” [...]

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2017 tax law continues to bring benefits

Even before enactment, anticipation of passage spurred investments, jobs and growth Mark Murphy Not long ago, a dentist called seeking advice about investing in new equipment for her practice. Business had been strong, but she envisioned enhancing the customer experience and growing her practice even further. The experience will set her apart from many other [...]

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The IPCC’s latest climate hysteria

Realist experts show why $60-80 trillion over next 17 years would be wasted on imaginary crisis Paul Driessen Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report 15 claims the latest disaster “tipping point” is just 12 years away. If governments around the world fail to make “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” human civilization and our planet [...]

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More misplaced environmentalist outrage

Greens are angry that Interior modified a rule they wanted to use to attack energy and ranching Greg Walcher How we long for the good old days! That’s the tone of some environmental industry leaders who are screaming bloody murder (literally, not figuratively) about Department of the Interior actions under President Trump. The Department’s re-interpretation [...]

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Rooting out scientific corruption

Recent actions show reform is in the wind, but much remains to be done, especially on climate Paul Driessen Dr. Brian Wansink recently resigned from his position as Columbia University professor, eating behavior researcher and director of the Cornell “food lab.” A faculty investigation found that he had misreported research data, failed to preserve data and results properly, [...]

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We must all sacrifice for the environment

But I meant you – not me! We’re supposed to be exempt from rules we inflict on others. Greg Walcher Have we become a society of people who want to regulate others, but not ourselves? We laugh at those who suddenly object to a policy that seemed perfectly OK when (they thought) it only applied to others. [...]

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Bloom Energy’s “tangled web”

What a tangled web Bloom weaves, since first it practiced to deceive Paul Driessen and Clint Laird Bloom Energy executives, investment bankers, venture capitalists, politicians, regulators and others involved in advancing Bloom’s business, reputation and financial dealings are living the complicated life that flows from lying. Lies typically start small. Often, they’re small deceptions. But deceptions can metastasize into a [...]

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Keep carbon taxes in the ground

Permanently bury these job-killing proposals, after pounding wooded stakes through their hearts Paul Driessen The House of Representatives recently passed a sense of Congress resolution that a carbon tax would kill jobs, damage the revitalized U.S. economy, and disproportionately impact poor, minority and working-class families. The vote also reflects the fact that America is still over 80% dependent [...]

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