Turkeys we’re not thankful for

The tasty birds are affordable. Government turkeys enrich crony corporatists, but cost us dearly. Paul Driessen To commemorate Thanksgiving – and garner First Family photo ops –presidents  often host Rose Garden ceremonies, where they “pardon” a turkey, before sitting  down to dine on one of its cousins. In fact, Americans ate close to 50 million [...]

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Endangering our citrus industry

Appeals court decision makes it harder to protect trees from devastating citrus disease Paul Driessen Florida’s citrus harvest has plummeted 60 percent from ten years ago, because of citrus greening disease, a bacterial infection that causes trees to produce stunted fruit and eventually die. The disease has also been found in one Los Angeles area orchard, potentially [...]

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Green Tech – the climate crisis syndicate

Manufactured climate crisis fears and renewable energy schemes create gold mine for the rich Paul Driessen Renewable Portfolio Standard advocates recently held their 2015 National Summit. The draft RPS agenda suggests it was quite an event – populated by bureaucrats, scientists and consultants who have jumped on the climate and “green energy” bandwagon, to follow the money. Indeed, they [...]

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Government-style “fairness” for the 1%

Obama cronies get abundant favors – at the expense of working class Americans Paul Driessen Liberals love to extol their deep compassion for the poor, whom conservatives allegedly don’t give a fig about. Thus our Community-Organizer-in-Chief pontificates endlessly about income inequality, to justify his determination to “fundamentally transform” our nation, so that “everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone [...]

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Leading on Paris climate treaty?

We should lead from behind – instead of with brains in our behinds – on this new Treaty of Paris Paul Driessen What an unpalatable irony. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War and created the United States. The 2015 Treaty of Paris could end what’s left of our democratic USA – and [...]

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EPA unleashes health-hammering ozone rules

It may be incompetence overseas, but in USA Obama intends to reduce jobs and living standards Paul Driessen A federal worker named Bob recently called our local talk-radio station, outraged that a failed budget deal could cause a government shutdown that leaves him unable to pay his bills. He blamed Republicans, failed to mention that compromise also involves [...]

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A conversation … or a lecture?

Pope Francis and all of us could learn a lot from an actual conversation on energy and climate Paul Driessen We must “enter into dialogue with all people about our common home,” Pope Francis recently told the US Congress, frequently quoting from his Laudato Si encyclical. “We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge … [...]

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Climate alarmists want us prosecuted under RICO

Losing the climate science battle, climate alarmists want government to silence skeptics Paul Driessen They haven’t employed the thumb screws, rack or auto-da-fe that churches and states once used to interrogate, silence and eliminate heretics and witches. However, global warming alarmists are well practiced in the modern equivalents, to protect their $1.5-trillion Climate Crisis Industry. [...]

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Obama’s deceitful, unsustainable energy decrees

Wind and solar reap taxpayer loot, while hydrocarbon energy, industries and jobs get pummeled Paul Driessen “That’s not the American way. That’s not progress. That’s not innovation. That’s rent-seeking and trying to protect old ways of doing business, and standing in the way of the future.” That wasn’t the Wall Street Journal lambasting the mandate- [...]

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Climate issues we do need to address

We need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people by Paul Driessen Reeling stock markets across the globe hammered savings, pension funds, innovation and growth. US stocks lost over $2 trillion in market value in eight days, before rallying somewhat, while the far smaller Shanghai Composite Index [...]

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