A message for Pope Francis

It’s not climate change – but energy restrictions based on climate fears – that threaten the poor. Pope Francis plans to deliver an encyclical on climate change this summer. To pave the way and outline the Pope’s positions, the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding a workshop on the topic, April 28 in Rome. [...]

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History falsifies climate alarmist sea level claims

“China is rapidly becoming one of the richest nations on Earth. It is by far the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide, which alarmists claim is causing “unprecedented” storms and sea level rise.”

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Lies my president told me

“The policies, laws and regulations affect everything we make, grow, ship, eat, drive and do – 100% of our energy based economy, not just one-sixth under ObamaCare – and put legislators, bureaucrats, activists and courts in ever-increasing control over our lives, livelihoods, liberties, living standards and life spans.”

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A climate of fear, cash and correctitude

“Skepticism and debate would have saved resources and lives. However, the Stalinist political machine would not tolerate dissent. Today’s scientific disease is less pernicious.”

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Poland recognizes the real global warming agenda

“Poland deserves freedom and prosperity. It knows it cannot move forward without energy – the Master Resource, the lifeblood of modern industrialized societies.”

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Science and journalism take a vacation

CHEM Trust is financially supported by and promotes the work of Greenpeace, an organization that co-founder Patrick Moore says has become “anti-science, anti-technology and anti-human.”

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Learning and succeeding “differently”

“The Oakwood School could serve as a model for schools and special learning programs all over the United States and world. The proven methods it employs, skill sets it teaches and confidence it instills have launched hundreds of children on high school, college, professional and family achievements that likely would have been far beyond their reach, had this school not featured in their early development.”

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Do the Math – Count the cash

In reality, numerous scientists disagree with the IPCC on this (and a lot more), and say such moderate warming would probably be beneficial for humans, wildlife and planet.

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Jefferson Davis, Adolph Hitler and Neville Chamberlain walk into a bar…

When we look through the history books that chronicle the founding of this nation, the pages are marked with biter conflict, rivalries and heated debate. But our most precious documents were forged with words of “Compromise.”

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Increasing clouds and thunderstorms for climate alarmists

“Climate chaos false prophets like Rajendra Pachauri, Al Gore and David Suzuki predicted bigger, deadlier storms and flooded coastal cities, because of global warming. But the opposite has happened.”

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