More fake five-alarm crises from the IPCC

“Mainstream” news outlets dutifully feature climate cataclysm claims that have no basis in reality Paul Driessen Efforts to stampede the USA and world into forsaking fossil fuels and modern farming continue apace. UN and other scientists recently sent out news releases claiming July 2019 was the “hottest month ever recorded on Earth” – nearly about 1.2 degrees […]

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Enforce rules against false and misleading organic claims

FDA must no longer let organic food growers, manufacturers and sellers get away with lies Paul Driessen A couple years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration sent a “Warning Letter” to Nashoba Brook Bakery, advising its owners that listing “love” as an ingredient in their granola violated the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The product was […]

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Past, present and future progress requires mining

Metal and mineral needs are constant, constantly evolving, requiring new mines John M. Clema  Civilization’s progress has always been heavily dependent on farming and mining. The Stone Age didn’t end because mankind ran out of stones. Instead, the discovery, mining and processing of metals like copper, bronze and iron, followed by the development of steel, […]

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HBO’s falsified Chernobyl “documentary”

Imagine HBO doing a similar profit-making film about the tragic Chilean rugby team Dr. Kelvin Kemm Late in 1972, Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 was taking a college rugby team and family members from Montevideo, Uruguay to Santiago, Chile. It carried five crew members and 40 passengers. As the aircraft crossed the frozen Andes, the […]

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A Declaration of Mineral Independence against eco tyranny

It’s an essential first step in making the USA less dangerously dependent on foreign minerals Paul Driessen & Ann Bridges As we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, let us view it from a 21st century perspective. Many of the colonists’ grievances against King George III resonate today, as tyrannical environmentalists continue to block domestic development of minerals that are […]

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For bee alarmists, Groundhog Day comes in June

Will activists finally admit their sins and break out of their pesticide-blaming time loop? Paul Driessen Did you think Goundhog Day only comes in February? For anti-insecticide zealots and others in the environmentalist movement who’ve been preoccupied for years with bees and “colony collapse disorder,” it actually comes every June.  That’s when the Bee Informed Partnership […]

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A Red Team review of climate crisis assertions

Gavin Schmidt’s spat with Steve Koonin underscores why we need to debate climate change Paul Driessen Various scientists, politicians and activists have long insisted that the United States and world must end fossil fuel use to prevent dangerous manmade global warming, climate change and extreme weather disasters. They say “the science is settled” and the time […]

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Reality bites Joe Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution”

Tallying its huge impacts on our energy, industries, living standards and personal freedoms Paul Driessen Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently announced his “Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” While it might be viewed as a Green New Deal Lite, the plan would inflict enormous economic, environmental and societal pain on most of the nation, for […]

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Shutting down middle and blue-collar America

From Biden to Warren, Democrat president wannabes push job-killing pseudo-green policies Paul Driessen Vocal activists increasingly drive Democrat Party positions across the public policy spectrum. Print, television, social and click-bait media generally support them, while permitting little debate on liberal proposals or their potential ramifications. Even semi-moderate Joe Biden has been pressured into shifting or flipping his positions […]

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Costly wind power menaces man and nature

The true costs of wind energy are too often (deliberately?) ignored or underestimated Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris Wind energy can never replace fossil fuels, despite claims of environmentalists and advocates of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal (GND). It’s not environment-friendly either. Indeed, wind power is hampered by many limitations, including: * its intermittent […]

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